The Friendlist/Followers Manifesto

Yep, this is pretty much spot on. Excerpt (numbering is off because Tumblr is wacky):

    1. You are free to quit following anyone anytime.
      • If you take offense to what someone says or does, you can leave them with a click.
      • If your list is too big, trim it.
      • Don’t worry about people getting upset. Sooner or later people will stop worrying about that stuff (some people always will).
    2. Unfollowing to make a statement is douchey.
      • Most people couldn’t give a shit about whether you’re following them. You are one of many.
      • Later on you’ll probably re-follow them, since you’re that douchey- and soon people will tire of your behavior and learn how to block you. Then you’ll really need your therapist.
    3. Obsessing over whoever is friending/leaving you is sad. and douchey.
      • It’s a sign that you need more real-life friends. Put on your shoes and head out of the basement.


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