Maker of the Mountain, Leonard Knight

About two times a year I do a Google search to see what Leonard Knight is up to because, well, he’s really old and the last time I saw him (2010) it didn’t look like he could survive in the desert much longer. 

It looks like he’s doing alright. He had his leg amputated and he’s no longer on the mountain, but he’s in a nursing home and a few people who really care for him are looking after his wellbeing. 

As for his life’s work,  a friend of Leonard’s organized a board of directors and they’re working to preserve Salvation Mountain. 

Watch Leonard’s return to the mountain in the video update below:

Also, here’s a little video I shot of Leonard where he talks about the mountain and getting personal with Jesus. 

Leonard Knight from Salvation Mountain from Slippy Jenkins on Vimeo.

(via my Flickr)

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