John Mayer invites young fan up on stage to play “Belief” with him (via elysiumabovo)

And of course, the commenters, many of whom are probably the a-holes you see showing off their Crazy Train skills at Guitar Center, are ripping the video to shreds. Perhaps it was staged! Somesillysap sez:

you sheep go on believing they weren’t desperate for this publicity stunt to repair his image..

look at your comments, it worked perfectly and had me as well until i found out it was a squier..

yeah the kid is good but next time John give the publicity stunt 100% and give the kid a free American strat like you get, dont be so cheap…

There is no reason for John Mayer to have a Squier… Fender supply him free John Mayer model strats, as many as he wants.

Give the kid a real one John ! !

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