If I’m still Funemployed by next weekend, Kevin and I are going to take our broke asses camping.

What’s a good camping spot in California during early spring (we’ll drive anywhere in a 5-6 hour radius from LA, for two nights camping, we’re totally outfitted like pros with the tents and the stoves and the whatnot)?

I’m voting for the Anza-Borrega desert (wildflower season!), but Kevin thinks it might be too cold at night. He’s voting for Big Sur, but…won’t that be cold too?

Also, if anybody’s interested in a camping club around L.A….we’ve got a ton of gear, and we love playing cards, drinking, smoking, political ranting, hiking, and eating. Not necessarily in that order!

Big Sur, no question. Wear long underwear. Bring a sleeping bag. You’ll be fine. Oh, and I am so down for a camping club!

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