pulls satirical (critical?) blog post from website?

HBO is shuttering, the comedy website that they just launched late last year. Looking thru my RSS reader, I found the following post: Wall Street investors flew into a panic today as the market responded to news that legendary comedy website This Just In would be shut down. Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke expressed concern at HBO’s decision to unplug its flagship Internet venture. “First the housing slump, now this,” he told reporters at an emergency press conference. “Frankly, I see the loss of TJI as a harbinger of massive economic recession.” Concern that the internet comedy market may be falling on hard times so early in its development has revived calls for Congressional action. U.S. Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) plans to reintroduce legislation that would provide subsidies to HBO and other TimeWarner companies to help them gain a foothold online. “The more our nation’s media giants falter,” he said, “the more we lose out to nations like Japan, whose weirdo game shows are totally dominating the YouTubes.”

But when clicking on the permalink to the story, it doesn’t bring up the actual post that was in my reader. Speculation: the editors of the site had second thoughts and deleted the post…or someone from above thru a shitfit and ordered the post deleted. Whatever the case…the satirical (critical?) post is gone.

Disclosure: I know someone at, but they haven’t told me jack. 

Dow Drops 200 Points on News that HBO and AOL Shuttering This Just In – This Just In

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