So how much did you buy the Radiohead album for?

I just downloaded the Radiohead album. Listening to the first song now. 2:17 minutes in and I already like it.

Anyway, how much did you pay for the album? 9.99? 8 dollars? Nothing? I feel that not a lot of people are going to tell you what they paid for the album. Probably for fear what you think. Like voting. People don’t want you to judge them. Me, I don’t care.

I paid exactly 2.35 pounds. That’s a little over 4 dollars. Why did I pay this amount? Not really sure. Seemed right. I figure the record labels are just ripping us off by half. Don’t have any evidence, just how I feel after having my wallet raped for all these years. 

I think I would have paid less if it was for a lesser band. Yeah, definitely so. 

This is all really good news. Trent Reznor just announced he was free from his label; same with Oasis. Everyone’s going to be a free agent. This is a great thing!  

On another note, I canceled my Rhapsody account and started using eMusic. No longer going to rent music for now. eMusic offers cheaper tunes and you can own them. Not bad. And I could go back to using my iPod. Hope this works out…nothing wrong with cheap music.

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