Maddie dressed up as a dinosaur but she’s not having it. #halloween

Halloween bound.

@jennmlloyd and @madelyn_pew_the_frenchie walking over to the Arts District halloween contest!

Two Urth Cafe trucks parked outside my home. Only in America! #blessed

Hanging with #deplorables and #hillaryclinton peeps at UNLV.

Voters for Gary. #debate2016

It’s @anamariecox at the MSNBC booth!

very important enforcement. #debate2016

I’m in Vegas to publicly express my hatred for UNLV. #debate2016

Cha Cha Chicken it

Nobody works. #dodgers

lolololololol #oldchella

My other dog.


Let the scares begin! #statesvilleprison

International Space Orchestra opening up for Sigur Ros. Can’t wait to cry tonight.

Now we can look at Maddie when she’s hiding.

Nice lady has built herself a shrine for Hillary at the local coffee shop. #losangeles #hillary2016

The Jerry Seinfeld of France! omg! unreal!

Under the bridge downtown.



Flying kites in Joshia Tree National Park, off Geology Tour Road. HAPPY National Parks Day. #joshuatreenationalpark #joshuatree #kites #nationalpark

360 videoing at VRLA Expo.

Overflow only for @reggiewatts at #vrlaexpo

My computer, circa 1999. #drudgereport

Foundy my old apartment at 1A Buswell at #bu and decided to celebrate by posing like a Russian responsible for hacking the DNC.

This is an ally in Boston.