“If I stay close to this wall maybe the rain won’t find me!!!” http://ift.tt/2iV8J5e

Our best angle. Happy New Year everybody! http://ift.tt/2hBfjMz

Jenn not drowning. http://ift.tt/2imOBsS


Outside of Belize. http://ift.tt/2imxLwJ

On the way to Roatan. http://ift.tt/2iisCDk

Single engine to Roatan. Pleasant ride actually. Not scary! http://ift.tt/2iJMOky

Saw someone I know at the Houston airport. http://ift.tt/2iE6KW7

Merry Christmas from me, @jennmlloyd and @madelyn_pew_the_frenchie http://ift.tt/2it2atE

Happiest day of my life. #pattielabellesweetpotatoepie http://ift.tt/2i6kHso

Just a relaxing afternoon, urinating in the snow. http://ift.tt/2h3xxcc

Opening up Christmas gifts early with these fine ladies. http://ift.tt/2haYNmY

Watching them cook their dinner while I slowly lose myself into oblivion. #fridays http://ift.tt/2hQHICD

Lunch! http://ift.tt/2hH8p9C

#christmas #belair #tesla http://ift.tt/2hc8nZN

Malibu season. http://ift.tt/2gqcS3x

#dtlaartsdistrict http://ift.tt/2h79SIk

Hung out here this morning before my flight. Like the olden days in my 20s. Grabbed a bagel at Gracey’s but it had butter so i spit it out. It wasn’t refrigerated but I grabbed it anyways. Amateur move. Good thing I was greedy and bought a banana-chocolate muffin, too – that was good. A…

Jenn is enjoying it, but not the girl behind her. #chicago #broadway http://ift.tt/2fiqxZU

Sucked. http://ift.tt/2fNQvRh


Nice little park. http://ift.tt/2goXdx6

Been in this town less than an hour. #MAGA http://ift.tt/2fSjIxc

Shopping in the midwest. http://ift.tt/2g5yQV1

#notmypresident https://www.instagram.com/p/BMngFPMjhxD/

Not a Bernie Bro. @jennmlloyd #sheswithher #election2016 https://www.instagram.com/p/BMkR5tvj4rE/

New park opening in the Arts District! http://ift.tt/2fccSzY

La Cita on an early Friday. #dtla http://ift.tt/2fqFPHM

Somebody win? #gocubsgo http://ift.tt/2erNic0

Ugh. http://ift.tt/2eP1fRU