My friends Amy and Josh have two sugar gliders, Reemus and Romulus (above is Reemus). As you can see, they’re cute. They eat crickets. Cute things eat crickets, no? Reemus and Romulus grab the crickets with their cute hands and put them into their cute mouths and nom nom nom. There are even cute cricket legs and wings left over on the floor because the gliders can’t fit the whole cricket into their wee little mouths! They leave crumbs behind just like us! Except their crumbs are cute insect crumbs with so many nutritions for Reemus and Romulus’s furry legs, big eyes and silly ears. Damn their silly ears. 

Be sure to check out the video of Reemus eating a cricket

See the full set of Reemus and Romulus on my Flickr

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