Midnight Ridazz


While having dinner at the Cat & Fiddle with some friends, it suddenly hit me that Midnight Ridazz was that night. We’ve been wanting to ride for a long, long time. Something we say we’re going to do every month but never due. But you know what I had in my car?

A bike! Specifically, my cruiser. My one-gear, Santa Monica beach-riding cruiser. Little did I know before the ride started that I probably had to worst possible bike imaginable for this journey.

Let me see: I’m out of shape. I’m riding a bike with one gear and fat tires. Most of LA is very hilly.

Yes, dumb move!

We reached the rendezvous point 8 minutes late at the Rite-Aid on Sunset and Vermont. This other more experienced dude was late too, so we followed him. Now this is the first time I’ve ever rode a bike in Los Angeles. The only place I rode before was in Santa Monica, where there are bike baths along the beach. But this guy that we were following…he was riding on the street! I know I sound like a total noob, but damn. I am not the right person to be riding on any street. I am wayyy to much of a klutz for that. I didn’t want to look lame, plus my more experienced friend was with me, just I just went along.

I really don’t know where the hell we we were going half the time. I know we went all the down to Wilshire, took a left…and went downtown…ended up by USC…and then reached the first pit stop. That was cool, because we finally met up with the bigass group. Some 700 bikers.

The ride was like a circus parade…but I was amazed at how safe and organized it was. A few of the leaders of the ride would stop in the middle of intersections to make sure all the bikers got thru safely. They’d help people who fell or were having trouble with their bikes.

Some of them even wore awesome outfits. Like clown outfits! That was cool.

My favorite dude was this guy who had speakers attached to a wagon hooked up to his bike. As soon as we hit Crenshaw he put on some rap…and some Beck I think. He kept that part of the ride easy for me.

But the ride wasn’t easy for me. I thought I was going to have a heart attack about 20 times during the ride. It was tough. No gears on my bike. Cruiser. Fat Tires. I’m out of shape. LA Hills. 20 mile ride. That’s just too much. So we bailed at Wilshire and Rampau, picked up the subway at Vermont and Wilshire and headed back.

I was so worn it was crazy. Like totally exhausted. On the drive home I picked up a couple Gatorades and water and downed them all in minutes. Nice.

I think I’m going to do this all again. I’ve already started researching better bikes. There is no way I’m attempting this again on the bike I have now. I also have to lose a 100lbs.

Here are some photos of the night.  

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