Lonesome Hunter in Garrapata Beach, Big Sur

For some reason Bill decided to buy a kite a few years ago so he bought the biggest kite in the world. He brings it on almost all our trips. This is the same kite we brought to Joshua Tree in the middle of the night to take photos of and got stranded out there in 45 degree weather from 4am till the first car drove by at 9am because (like an idiot) we kept the lights on so other drivers out there in the middle of the night wouldn’t run us over while we took said photos of the kite.

Bringing a kite on a road trip is almost certainly the right thing to do. 

1) It provides instant entertainment almost anywhere you pull off the road.

2) It provides instant entertainment when you’re hungover and just want to sit down, look up into the sky and try not to vomit all over nature.

3). It’s a great way to meet new people when you’re in the middle of nowhere. 

Stranger: Hey, that’s one big ass kite you got there, where did you get it?

Bill: Huh? 

Bill doesn’t usually say anything because sometimes strangers are weird and Bill is Bill. 

4) Flying a big ass kite in the middle of nowhere is one way of saying to the world that you just don’t care anymore. One day you were bored and decided to track down the last remaining hobby shop in the city. You were going to buy a remote control plane, but you didn’t want to crash $250 into the ground so quickly. You looked at a RC helicopter but it was way too complicated and nerdy. You also checked out those new aerial drones but were afraid that the Makers on Twitter would call you a poseur. So, you decided on a kite. A big ass kite. Nobody thinks kites are cool anymore. Nobody would ever think you’d get a kite. Kites are so very under the radar. Kites are the new cool, the best new way to look like you’re having the best time of your life without even trying. Kites are the new aerial drones. They’re the new punk rock ethos. Nobody suspects a thing when you’re flying a big ass kite in the middle of nowhere. 

This video was filmed at Garrapata State Beach in Big Sur. Music is Lonesome Hunter by Timbre Timbre. That is Bill. 

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