Jim Kleckner Reel 2013

Thought it was time to make a reel for myself, if only because I never made one. Reels are things people still make, right? 

It’s hard to distill over 10 years of my internet work into one video. There is just too much of it and it’s so entirely varied. Between client work, ridiculous work, animations, games, mobile apps, and sad – but LACMA approved! – music videos, the stuff I’ve created doesn’t easily fit into one category (except maybe: internet). The same is true for what I call myself when asked what I do for a living. I usually say “writer.” It’s a word that totally lacks any meaningful description, especially here in Los Angeles, where “writer” could mean just about anything. But it’s just as obtuse as I want it to be. It’s the first act in creating anything. More importantly, it always leads to more pointed and thoughtful conversations, which is something that really needs to happen if you want to know about my career, or whether or not we’d have fun working together. (And I’m not alone here. There are many people who have made there careers working on/for the web and have similar problems defining themselves. Something that might help us all: don’t define yourself). 

But back to the reel

I’m thinking of making several different type of reels to help solve this “I can’t refuse to be categorized” problem. But I fear I’ll be editing videos until I die (which is a real possibility with all the time I’ve spent on planes these days). Until then, here are some highlights, a little bit of my latest stuff, a little bit of my favorite stuff. But not everything, not even close. 

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