Finally edited the footage from my trip to Big Sur in June. We were a little wary of going because of the bridge collapse and mudslides cutting off access to half the town. But there was no better time to go to Big Sur. There weren’t a lot of tourists, but and there was still…


Peak Millennial.

This guy.

The Swamp.

Cloudy over the Capitol.

✌🏻out Vancouver!


The Vancouver Look(out).

Canadian Frenchie.

I’m in Canada on #canadaday


A very California photo to celebrate the beginning of summer. I title this one “Despacito by the King Of Latin Music Justin Bieber”.

Palo Colorado Road house.

Supporting her favorite milk.

Searching for worms.


This is a cat.

It’s hot.

Maddie is very excited about Cinco de Mayo.

Frank Black of the Pixies

Pixels at the Ace Hotel last night.

Sold my fart app. #MAGA

Walked past the Full House house this morning by chance and there was a sad amount of people there at 10:30 am.

Half a block line for Philz Coffee. What’s wrong with you prolly?

Hello, SF! #shopifyunite